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Auric Craft is a server that was once refered to as Don't Eat Uranium (DEU) which was shut down by its former owner, GeckoLink who stopped paying for it over Beastnode. The server was then transfered to another server, Owned by Crazymal (who is now the current owner) THAT server too has shut down. We then, after a month or so, got an old friend of ours, jj86538, to set up a new one for about... A couple weeks. Beastnode was also used at that time to run that server as well, however, beastnode had made JJ pay extra to keep the server running after a while and he just couldn't do it, the server was forced to shut down around the end of September. I, the Auric Craft owner, Crazymal, has been talking with an old member of DEU and he has agreed to run us a server. Once it is we will spam the ip pretty much all over our website: ( and our old website ( all over our facebook ( on twitter (@AuricCraft) over youtube ( (don't forget to subscribe, we will be uploading videos in the future :D)) and pretty much everywhere else... Lol. The Website is a good place to keep in touch with all of our friendly Auric Craft Members, so make sure to join the site if you plan on joining the server, for stuff like updates and congregating with other members. :)

Dont forget to follow the Rules!

If you have questions contact one of Our Staff .

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