As you can imagine, the rules are very important to the server. You can only move up in the Ranking System by following the rules, and if you do not, you can be kicked, demoted, or even banned. If a mod or admin tells you to stop doing something, STOP!


No Griefing

No Pvp Without Consent

No Harassment

No Begging for Ranks

No Hacking/Cheating

No Impersonating Staff

No Racism/Sexism

No Profanity

Respect the Staff (Mods/Admins)

If you respect staff they MUST respect you

If you catch anyone breaking ANY of these rules, report them to a mod or admin IMMEDIATELY!

Admins ALSO have to follow ALL of these rules (except impersonating admins... because.... yeah...) if they do NOT then report them to another, more responsible admin and they WILL be either demoted or banned.